A low flow toilet is a flush toilet which is specifically designed to consume less water than a full-flush toilet. The two major functions of all types of toilets is to take water from the toilet tank and discharge wastewater. A low flow toilet reduces the water consumption used to flush the waste down the drains.

Low flow toilets are modern and it’s a great replacement to traditional toilets, the only purpose of low flow toilets is to reduce the water used to flush the waste into the tank. It has a dual flush system, one is designed for urine and the other for feces.

Purpose of Low Flow Toilet Design

The primary reason the design of a low flow toilet is water consumption. Many people are not aware of how much water toilets consume. After the outdoor irritation in a residential building, the toilet is the major consumption of water. Probably, 38% of water used in any home accounts for flushing the toilet. Replacing an old inefficient toilet with a modern water-saving design can result in significant savings.

Benefits of low flow toilets

Reduction in Water Consumption

The low flow toilets are a smart addition to any home both for saving money and low-impact living. A family of four will be able to save up to 83,280 liters of water per year with the low flow toilets. The new toilet uses 6 liters of water whereas the traditional or standard toilet uses from 13 to 26 liters of water per flush.

Environmentally Friendly

As the low flow toilets use less water per flush it helps to preserve the environment. If the majority of the people upgrade to the new toilets, a huge amount of groundwater will be saved. These toilets will reduce the pressure on the groundwater which is used to flush the toilets.

Easy-to-use and Clean

Low flow toilets are easy to clean and use. Compared to standard toilets, the low flow toilets are better in this term, internal mechanisms vary for both the designs. So, without any complexity you can use or clean the new toilets.

Lower Water Bill

This is the major benefit of using low flow toilets. It uses only a small volume of water to flush every time per flush, which helps for huge savings on the water bill. A family of four can save about 83,280 liters of water per year, which is hundreds of dollars in the long run.

Increased Home Value

Installing low flow toilets, like other improvement projects, will improve /increase the resale value of a property. It may not seem a big deal, but when valuing the building, low flow toilets will increase the value of the home significantly.

However, it will cost a lot to replace the traditional toilets with new one. But it’s worth the money, it will help you save water and money for long-run. The low flow toilets are the best option to consume water, your home will get a modern look by installing it. Change the toilets in your home to low flow toilets, save your investment by reduced water bill, enhance home value, and upgrade to the modern technology.